Anti-Air (たいくう taikuu in Medarot 1 and Medarot 2; アンチエアー anchieaa in Medarot 3 onwards) is an attack introduced in Medarot 1 as a property of an attack and as an attack in Medarot 2 onwards.


In Medarot 1, some attacks would be specially made to be Anti-Air attacks, which means Anti-Air is a property among these Parts. For example, Ladyjet's Sword attack is listed as an Anti-Air attack, meaning it will do twice the damage to a flying Medarot. Anti-Air means the attack will do twice the damage to flying Medarots.

However, in Medarot 2 it is an attack by itself. A shooting or sniping attack where the user will launch a missile and will deal a huge ammount of damage if the objective is a flying Medarot. Usually the parts using Anti-Air are weak if they're used against other Medarots.

Parts using Anti-Air are given the "Anti-Air" attribute from Medarot 1 to Medarot R.

Medarots that use it

  • Note: The Medarot 1 list contains the Medarots whose parts are Anti-Air, as this was a property and not an attack by itself.

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