Model No. M2-TIR-0
Head: Breathfire
Right Arm: Crab Hit
Left Arm: Strike Hit
Legs: Attack Leg
Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot R, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot (anime)

Attack-Tyranno (アタックティラノ), english name Attack-Tyranno is a TIR-type Medarot.


Attack-Tyranno is a Medabot based on Tyrannosaurus Rex, 

In the anime

At the episode Ban All Medabots, an Attack-Tyrano, in ownership of an unknown Medafighter, is seen for a brief moment starting a battle with another Medafighter, before getting taken away by M.A.M.

An army of Attack-Tyrannos tried to stop Giant Emperor, although unsuccessful, with the help of Landbrachios and Air-Pteras.

In the games

In Medarot Brave

Quote: I'm the captain of the Select Corps! My right arm hammer is valuable so use it with care.

In Medarot DS

Series number changed to TIR00-M.

This Medarot went through a drastic change: In previous games, this Medarot was nothing more than a trash mob. Inaccurate and weak, it suffered through 4 games' worth of shame and ridicule.

But no longer. With increased armor and firepower, it went from a Skill Grinder to a power fighter; its left arm's Berserk hammer is second only to HellPhoenix, yet possessing more than twice the armor of its "rival." Not to mention an entire overhaul of debuffing attacks like Fire, its head boasts a whooping 69 attack power. Oh, and it penetrates.

Only true drawback is its overall slowness and its lackluster legs. With 14 Mobility, Attack-Leg ranks amongst the slowest Bipedals. One of the main reasons that the mobs can't inflict enough damage (Due to Mobility affecting the damage of Berserk).

Related Medarots

  • PTL-0 Air-Ptera, the pteranodon Medarot.
  • BRA-0 Landbrachio, the brachiosaurus Medarot.
  • TLD-0NF Dityranno, its Medarot Navi equivalent.
  • TRX-0 Baorixy, its Shingata Medarot equivalent.
TIR-type Medarots
TIR-0 / TIR00-M Attack-Tyranno
TIR-1 Assault-Tyranno

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