Model No. M4-BBS-0
Black bass
Head: Great Swallow
Right Arm: Envelopment
Left Arm: Surrounding
Legs: Lake Duster
Medarot 3, 4, DS, and 7 (Japan-only)
Medabots Infinity
Medabots TCG

Bass-Troyer, also known as Bustroyer, is a BBS-type Medabot modeled after a black bass.


Bass-Troyer is a large fish-like Medabot that, as its name implies, specializes in highly destructive attacks.

In Medabots Infinity, its name was changed to Bustroyer.

In Medabots Infinity

Quote: I feel alive in the water. I won't let you pass me in the water so easily!


Bass-Troyer has a super-rare card in the Medabots Trading Card Game booster set. It attacks with "Destroying Attack", which destroys all Medabots in range with a higher speed value than Bass-Troyer.

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