Beisuke Agata (あがたベイスケ) is the husband of Maiko Agata and father of Hikaru Agata. He works for the Select group. He gives Hikaru his first Tinpet and Parts. Later on he also gives Hikaru a second Tinpet. Beisuke is a skilled Medafighter and later unsuccessfully faces off against Hikaru in the Medabot tournament. Beisuke is a supportive parent of Hikaru and is proud of his son's achievements as a Medafighter. At one point Beisuke intructs Hikaru to go visit his grandparents in the countryside because he has not seen them for a while. When Hikaru's Medal is damaged at the end of the Medabot tournament, Beisuke is troubled by Hikaru's depression and does his best to console him.

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