Model No. M4-DVL-0
Head: Devil Body
Right Arm: Devil Hand
Left Arm: Devil Arm
Legs: Devil Leg
Medarot 1, Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 4, Medarot 2 Core, Medarot 1 (manga), Medarotter Rintarou (manga), Medabots (anime), Medabots Spirits, Medarot Card Game, Medarot OCG, Toys

Blackmail (ブラックメイル), known in English as Blackram, is a DVL-type Medabot that first appeared in the original Medarot game.


Blackram resembles a bipedal black goat with wings, an image that most likely comes from Baphomet. Like many animal-based Medabots, his functional eyes are located inside the mouth part of the design and stylized to look like teeth. He attacks with vicious blows from his large claws.

In the anime

Blackram appeared once, when a gang of Medafighters, The Rockers, were attacking other Medafighters to get their parts. As they had two Blackram as well as Phoenix, they could deal a lot of damage that most Medabots were unable to defend theirselves from.

Two members of The Screws gang bought a Death Bomb part, which was later stolen by The Rockers and then worn by one of their Blackram. However, when they were attacking Erika's Sailor-Multi, Brass, Ikki appeared with his new Metabee, easily defeating The Rockers' Medabots.

Blackram became more prominent in Medabots Spirits, as one of Mystery Medafighter's opponents.

Blackram is the weakest DVL-type Medabot in the anime, being available for sale, unlike his successors Belzelga (which is a Prototype Medabot - even though the Rubberobo Gang somehow acquired 3 of them) and Redrun (which is a Kilobot).

In the games

Blackram is a bipedal Medabot that uses powerful physical attacks with the Berserk skill. In Medarot 1, he used a unique physical attack called Ghost, but the attack was removed in Medarot 2, and Blackram's parts were changed to use Hammer instead.

In Medarot 1, Blackram's parts have the "Sacrifice" attribute, which matches with the Devil Medal. In Medarot 2, R, and 2 Core, he still matches with the Devil Medal, but the attribute was replaced by Destroy.

In Medarot 1

Blackram is the sole user of Ghost attacks. His attacks are extremely powerful and can pierce multiple parts, but they are also slow and very innacurate. Blackram's head part has the highest attack power in the game, but can only be used once per battle.

His parts can only be obtained in the post-game by battling the Wolf Man in the mountain village area, who uses a team of 3 Blackram. After battling him once, if the player obtains the "normal glasses" from the Medabot laboratory and brings them to him, he can be fought again.

Blackram's leg parts can also be obtained by winning the Rubberobo Gang's Robottle Tournament in the shrine area earlier in the game. It is impossible to complete the set on a single playthrough.

In Medarot 2

Normally, Blackram's parts cannot be obtained in Medarot 2, and instead have to be transferred over from Medarot 1. He was instead replaced by the new DVL-type, Belzelga.

In this game, Blackram's attacks were replaced with Hammer, but his stats remain otherwise unchanged.

In Medarot 4

Blackram appears after the game's final chapter, as a wild Medabot who is rampaging all over. He is later found at a lab's last floor underground in Ryuutou, where the player can fight him as many times as needed.

Library description: Devil type Medarot. The meat-cutting bone crusher!!

In Medarot 2 Core

Koji has 2 Blackram only when you robattle him through Medalink as well as before a true final boss robattle.

His Devil Leg part has the best armor and defense of all Two-Legged parts.


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