Model No. M4-KBT-55
Head: Black Ballister
Right Arm: Black Fusier
Left Arm: Black Blaster
Legs: Black Place
Medarot 3, 4, DS, and 7 (Japan only)
Medabots Infinity
Medabots Spirits (anime), Medabots TCG

Blakbeetle, is a KBT-type Medabot based on a rhinoceros beetle.



Medachanged form

Blakbeetle is a female KBT Medabot designed with Saikachi as a base, with the most notable differences being black coloring and a metallic eye patch over her left eye. Compared to Saikachi, Blakbeetle's Medaparts are more focused on power than speed. She also has the ability to Medachange into a tank-like form, sacrificing speed for attack power.


Blakbeetle in the anime

In the anime

Blakbeetle visits Kam

Blakbeetle visits Kam

Blakbeetle appears late in Medabots Spirits as a Kilobot used by Kam. She is one of the few Kilobots with a Neo-EX Medal, which allows her to think and have feelings unlike other Kilobots. While she is very loyal to Kam, she becomes afraid of him near the end of the series when he decides to use her Medal in the extremely powerful Kilobot, Gryphon. Eventually she is unable to control Gryphon and goes berserk, but is rescued by Ikki and his friends. In the end, she stays with Kam after he is defeated, with him finally realizing the importance of Medabots as friends.


Blakbeetle has a super-rare card in the Medabots Trading Card Game booster set. She attacks with a basic shooting attack.


An artwork of her can be seen in the inside sleeve of Shout! Factory Metabots Complete Season 1 on the yellow cover which marks discs 1 & 2, despite Blakbeetle did not appearing in the original anime series.

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  • Black-Stag, Blakbeetle's KWG-series counterpart.
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