Pastel Fairy
Model No. M2-FLY-0
Head: Field Barrier
Right Arm: Energy Barrier
Left Arm: Force Barrier
Legs: Flower Fly
Medarot, Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medabots (anime)

Pastel Fairy (パステルフェアリ), english name Botafly, is a FLY-type Medarot.


Instead of a fairy, Pastel Fairy resembles more a butterfly. She has two butterfly-like wings on her shoulders, antenas on her head and has mainly a pink color over her whole body. Robottle-wise, Pastel Fairy is a Medarot mainly focused on setting traps. She does not deal direct damage, and even when she perfectly could take out an enemy, this has a risk: She might get a hit from her opponents anyways.




Related Medabots

  • FBF-0 Red Scarleth, a Medarot based on a fire butterfly.
  • GCT-0 Potato-Insect, a Medarot based on a caterpillar.
  • SWT-0NF Misty Tail, a Medarot in Medarot Navi based on a Swallowtail Butterfly.
FLY-type Medarots
FLY-0 Pastel Fairy

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