Episode Summary

Koji feels he has no chance against Ikki since Metabee can summon the Medaforce. Space Medafighter X agrees to show Koji just how to beat that force.

Meanwhile, Squidguts has been put in charge of the Rubberobo Gang and their quest to grab all of the Rare Medals. He has planted himself on a pedestrian bridge making anyone who wishes to pass Robattle his bot Gobanko. A loss to Gobanko would mean the loser must give up his Medal. Even Coach Mountain and Digmole couldn't defeat him.

Karin, who is looking to share her spicy squidballs with Ikki, approaches the bridge and tries to do everything she can to keep everyone happy. First she has a crosswalk built, and then she sets up a Grand Prix. Finally, Ikki arrives and sees the cause of the problems is Squidguts and a Robattle is called.

Metabee's double launch missiles are blocked by Gobanko who then wraps Metabee in a chain and causes massive damage to his head and torso. In addition, Metabee's Missiles are inoperative. Suddenly, Metabee notices there is damage to the precious bridge which causes him to summon the Medaforce and defeat Gobanko.

After the battle, Rintaro races up to Ikki and informs him of Space Medafighter X's intention to help Koji. Is there really a way to defeat the Medaforce? We'll soon find out!


  • "Is your laundry basket full, because I'd swear you just throw in the towel!" (Space Medafighter X to Koji)
  • "Like it?" (Karin)
"It's got just the right amount of kick!" (Ikki)
"It'll kick you even harder later." (Metabee)

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