Model No. M4-GAG-0
Head: Yen Darling
Right Arm: Petrify
Left Arm: Turn Stone
Legs: Keystone
Medarot 3 and 4 (Japan only),
Medabots TCG

Change-Cargo (or Change-Gargo in Japanese) is a GAC-type Medabot modeled after a gargoyle.



Medachanged form

Based on a gargoyle come to life, Change-Cargo is dark brown with a beaked face and sharp claws. In the place of legs, it has a box representing the side of a building it would be attached to. It can Medachange into a more condensed form with its arms folded out of the way.

The difference from its Japanese name was probably caused by a misreading, since the letters for Ga and Ca look very similar in Japanese. Likewise, it's model number was originally GAG (from "gargoyle") in the Japanese version.


Change-Cargo has a card in the starter set of the Medabots Trading Card Game. It attacks with a basic grappling attack.

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