Model No. M2-BER-1
Head: Spreaders
Right Arm: Smasher
Left Arm: Splasher
Legs: Hovery
Medarot R, Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medabots (anime)

Charlie Bear (チャーリーベア), known in English as Churlybear, is a bear-type Medarot that first appeared in Medarot 2.


Churlybear has a similar appearance to his predecessor Betty Bear, resembling a stuffed teddy bear with a zipper on his chest and a tag on his left ear (absent in its Medarot 2 Core sprite). His head and limbs are larger than Betty Bear's, and his attack power and armor durability have been significantly improved. He specializes in gravity-based attacks, and can use his anti-gravity abilities to float just above the ground.

In the anime


Churlybear is used by The Ankle Biters to fight Spyke sometime after he was fired from The Screws. Churlybear was able to defeat Cyandog. After hearing of Spyke fighting the Ankle Biters, Samantha used Peppercat to fight them only to be defeated. Spyke and Cyandog won their rematch against Churlybear and claimed one of his arms.

In the games

Churlybear is a hover-type Medarot and one of the quintessential users of gravity-based attacks in Medarot 2, specializing in Break attacks (unlike Betty Bear, who uses Press). His parts have the Gravity attribute and are highly compatible with the Bear Medal.


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