Combination Attacks are attacks that work together.


Cross Attack Series

Cross Attack, english name Team Attack, is a very powerful team-based attack. It first appeared in Medarot 2. It has a Defend skill in Medarot 2/R/2 CORE, Set-Up skill in Medarot 3/4/5/Navi and a Set skill in Medarot DS.

To remove Cross Attack Set, you have to use Trap Clear.

Seal Attack

Seal Attack is a series exclusive to Medarot 4.

To remove Seal Cancellation, you have to use Plus Status Clear.

Hallmark Attack

Hallmark Attack is a series exclusive to Medarot 4.

  • Hallmark Addition-Adds "Hallmark Addition" status effect. Considered an Interrupt skill.
  • Hallmark Weapon-Uses "Hallmark Weapon" to deal damage. Considered a Snipe skill.

To remove Hallmark Addition, you have to use Minus Status Clear.

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