Series Name
Season 1, Episode 9 (Japan), 7 (U.S.)
Air date 8/27/1999 (Japan)

10/06/2001 (U.S.)

Written by Koji Ueda (script) and Masayuki Yoshihara (storyboard)
Directed by Masayuki Yoshihara
Episode Guide
The Gimme Ghost
For Better, For Worse (1)

Episode 09: 吠えろ!シアンドッグ (Hoero! Shiandoggu) / Howl! Cyandog

Episode Summary

When Spyke and Cyandog get thrown out of The Screws after an embarrassing eleven straight losses while Samantha and Sloan has twenty-two wins together for the gang's sake. Later on, Metabee helps Cyandog redeem himself.

While futilely attempting to train Cyandog to hit things with his weapons (The poor Medabot having no aim at all), Ikki discovers the reason the dog Medabot is so weak. Cyandog has a Monkey Medal (made for close combat Medabots) which is incompatible with his shooting type parts, which Spyke bought because he thought it looked cool.

Ikki is stuck at what to do since Spyke won't consider getting a shooting type Medal, and no one thinks to get a close combat type body. Sloan runs up to them and tells them that Samantha needs their help fighting three kindergardeners.

The three little children as it turns out are all vicious Medafighters with a cute but powerful teddy bear Medabot, Churlybear. With Peppercat beaten into submission, it's up to Spyke, the last of the Screws, to win. While Spyke is initially petrified of the battle, Ikki decides to help the poor boy out and lends him an edge, a crab claw Medapart that is actually compatible with his Medal. With it for the first time in his life Cyandog actually becomes a competant battler, hammering into his opponent much to everyones shock. It gets a little sketchy, but the end result is Spyke getting his first ever Robattle victory.

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