Model No.
Head:  ???
Right Arm:  ???
Left Arm:  ???
Legs:  ???
Medarot R (Japan only)
Medabots Spirits (anime)

Desperado is a GDR-type Medabot based on a gun.


Desperado is an imposing Medabot with a large gun barrel making up its head and upper torso. Its arms are made up of smaller submachine guns and its shoulders are styled to look like magazines. Surprisingly, it is very skilled at ant-air attacks to shoot down flying Medabots. Its strongest attack comes from firing giant bullets from its oversized gun.

In the anime

Desperado appears in the first episode of Medabots Spirits, where it's a Kilobot used by Ginkai.

Related Medarots

  • Cutter, a Medabot based around sharp blades.

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