Destroy (デストロイ) is an attack that appears from Medarot 2 onwards.


Destroy is an attack that deactivates a Part in one hit, no matter how heavily armored they are. It has an intense penalty when used. It is not affected by any defensive means, except for Direct Defense, which forces Destroy to deactivate that part. Using Destroy, though, may trigger some Medaforces like Damage Ball or Unbreakable Will.

In Medarot 2 and R

Destroy is a Berserking attack. It only works on Medarots during cooldown. It is not defensible or escapable, meaning it always hits. In Medarot R, Gobenkei wields a Striking version.

In Medarot 3 and 4

Destroy is a Sniping attack. Again it only works on Medarots during cooldown. This time it is escapable and defensible. It never works on Medarots during Medachange. In Medarot 4, Blossomail wields a Shooting version.

It is a Direct attack, meaning no other effects or traps will affect the outcoming of this attack.

In Medarot Navi

Destroy is a Berserking attack. It only works on Medarots after using Strike, Snipe or Berserk, or when afflicted by an Inescapable or Indefensible Status Effect. Again, it never works on Medachanged Medarots. Also check the Evasion and Defense values. If they are lower than the attack's success or power, you will be sorry. In Medarot Navi, Blossomail wields a Striking version.

Your only protection in this game is not to use the aforementioned attacks. Direct Defense will cause the activated part to be destroyed.

In Medarot 2 Core and Shingata

It is the same as Medarot 2 and R, but it can be defended and escaped.

In Medarot G, BRAVE and Medabots AX

Destroy is a Striking attack. It only works when the opponent is not guarding.

In Medarot DS

Destroy is a Sniping Attack. It cannot be defended or escaped. Complete overhaul. If the enemy is in Radiation (Cooldown) phase, it will attempt to destroy the part that is on cooldown.

This includes the Head, which makes head-sniping MUCH easier when compared to other games.

Does not work on Muti-Legged Medarots, as they face forward during its RAD phase.

Medarots that use it

Chicken-based Medarots are notable for this attack. Other Medarots using this attack are:

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