Dr. Atom Akihabara

Doctor Eugene Aki (Named Atom Akihabara in the Japanese version), is a prominent character in Medabots.


Dr. Aki is a prominent scientist who, alongside Dr. Hushi, developed the basic concepts for how a Medabot works. His appearance is of an old, eccentric old man who always wears sunglasses. He is nearly bald and has white hair, and usually wears laboratory clothes.

Dr. Aki is later revealed to have a granddaughter, Nae Aki, who is also a scientist.

In the anime

Dr. Aki is Karin's uncle and Nae's grandfather. He is one of the most notable scientists in Medabots technology, including the invention of the Medarotch.

He realizes the danger of rare Medals, and employs the Phantom Renegade to steal them and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Despite appearing to act like an idiot, he's much smarter than he looks.

Even with his riches from his discoveries, he tends to be cheap when it comes to others and indulges in puddings.

At one time, Rokusho's friend Baton, Dr. Hushi's robot parrot, told Rokusho that Dr. Aki was the one who set fire to Dr. Hushi's lab, and as a result Rokusho attempted to kill him to get his revenge. This information was later revealed to have been falsely programmed into Baton by Dr. Meta-Evil.

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