Episode Summary

A large bearded man and his Medabot, Kintaro, arrive at Ikki's home. Chidori Tenryou thinks he is a famous wrestler, but in fact, his name is Kareem. When Ikki and Metabee arrive, they find Kareem and Kintaro have literally made themselves at home. The two visitors are eating, drinking, and playing video games that belong to Ikki. When Ikki asks the purpose of his visit, Kareem explained how they had gone to Mt. Cedar to train in the wilderness. Kintaro was just about to enter his final phase of training when they were attacked by 100 Medabots. Kareem told Ikki Kintaro had defeated all but one, and now they are looking for that mysterious bot.

Erika thinks Kareem's search is the makings of a great story. Unfortunately, Kareem can give them very little clues to help find this elusive bot. Ikki, Metabee, and Erika search everywhere asking everyone they see. When they think they may have found the culprit, it turns out to be the wrong Medabot.

Finally, Rokusho appears to save a baby in a run-a-way stroller. Kareem recognizes him immediately. Ikki and Erika are shocked. Rokusho tells his side of the story. It seems Kintaro while training had chopped down almost all of the beautiful forest. Rokusho wanted to put a stop to that.

Kareem, not caring in the least about the damage he caused to the forest, wants to Robattle, but Rokusho refuses. Kintaro is ordered to attack in spite of Rokusho's refusal. Too bad Kintaro caused his own demise by letting a tree he sliced fall on himself. That is the same thing that happened at Mt. Cedar. Rokusho never fought. Kintaro caused his own defeat. The other 99 Medabots were just an "exaggeration" on Kareem's part. Rokusho and Kintaro were the only Medabots at Mt. Cedar back then.

What is the moral of this episode? It is wise to hear both sides of the story before making a judgement. (Very true, Rokusho, very true.)

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