Eisiest 2
Model No. M4-LHB-1
Longhorn Beetle
Head: Darling
Right Arm: Absorber
Left Arm: Blow Pipe
Legs: Incoherent
Medarot 3 and 4 (Japan only)
Medabots TCG

Eiseist 2 is an LHB-type Medabot modeled after a longhorn beetle.


Eisiest 2 is an upgrade of Papyrak (which was named "Atheist" in the Japanese version). With that in mind, a more proper name might have been "Papyrak 2".

Much like Papyrak, Eisiest 2 attacks with sword and blunt-force attacks. In terms of functions it is very similar to a KWG model.


Eisiest 2 has a card in the Medabots Trading Card Game booster set. It attacks with a basic grappling attack.

Related Medabots

  • Papyrak, the original longhorn beetle Medabot.
  • Ambiguous 2, Eisiest 2's jewel beetle counterpart.

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