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Erika Amazake
Erika Amazake
English Voice Actor(s):

Lisa Yamanaka (Original)
Bryn McAuley (Spirits)











First Appearance

Stung by a Metabee
Kilobot Rising

Last Appearance

Metabee's Last Stand
Into the Fire (aka- Shine! Spirit of Hope) (3)

Erika Amazake, named Arika in Japan, is a prominent character in Medabots.


Erika is a reporter for the Riverview School. Her best friend is Ikki. She owns a Sailor-Multi, a sailor type Medabot, that she calls Brass.

She wears a light blue shirt, pink overalls, and dark blue Converse sneakers.

In the anime

WoahWoahooo!!!!! FTW


Erika is a friend of Ikki who also attends the same Junior High School. She is a strong-minded girl who is always bossing Ikki around. However, she also has a sweet feminine side and a soft spot for Ikki. Erika is the reporter for the school's newspaper and will do anything for a scoop and is always looking for a story. Because of this, she tends to follow Ikki and Metabee around time to time because of their ability to find trouble. It is speculated that she has a crush on Ikki due to her jealousy when Ikki flirts with Karin and Nae. Her Medabot, Brass, is her camera girl.

In Medabots (GBA)

Erika owns Sailor-Multi, and later gains Pretty Prime. Sailor-Multi's level is low, though.

In Medabots AX

Erika has Sailor-Multi as her leader while her partner has Cure Hand, Sala-Arm and Quick Alert. She is very hard to beat.


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