Model No. M4-STG-1
Saber Tiger
Head: Insult
Right Arm: Sin Sword
Left Arm: Solid Hammer
Legs: Keen Edge
Medarot 3, 4, and Navi (Japan only)
Medabots Spirits (anime)

Exor (known as Excize in Japan) is an STG-type Medabot based on a saber-toothed tiger. It's the upgraded version of Sumilidon.



Medachanged form

Exor is a saber-toothed tiger Medabot, whose specialty lies in close-range fighting. Unlike its predecessor Sumilidon, Exor can Medachange into a quadrupedal form, allowing it to move effectively in rough terrains.

In the anime

P exise

In Medabots Spirits, Exor is a Kilobot used by Ginkai, Kam, and for a while by Zuru (who exchanges him for Roks). Together with Unitrix, Exor was used to cause riots in the city. Both Kilobots were among Kam's favorites.

Related Medabots

  • Sumilidon, the original saber tiger Medabot.
  • Unitrix, Exor's lion-type counterpart.

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