Series Name
Season 1, Episode 10 (Japan), 8 (U.S.)
Air date 9/03/1999 (Japan)

10/13/2001 (U.S.)

Written by Ryota Yamaguchi (script) and Kiyotaka Isako (storyboard)
Directed by Shigeki Takagi
Episode Guide
Cyandog Bites Back
For Better, For Worse (2)

Episode 10: 嵐のロボトルトーナメント (Arashi no robotoru toonamento) / The stormy Robottle Tournament

Episode Summary

In this two-part arc, Ikki and Metabee's already strained relationship turns into a full-fledged disaster as they prepare for the upcoming Citywide Robattle Tournament and a showdown with Koji and his Medabot, Sumilidon.


It's the World Robattle Championships taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. Rolando of Spain with his cow-type Medabot Red Matador is battling Victor of Kenya with his king-lion-type Medabot, Warbandit. It looks as if nothing could penetrate Red Matador's cape shield, but Warbandit does by simply adjusting his Medascope by a few degrees.

Ikki is watching the event in his living room when **wham** Metabee lands on him while riding the family dog like a cowboy and his trusty stallion. Ikki and Metabee begin to fight causing a vase to fall, ruining their big screen TV. This results in Ikki missing the most of the event on TV and losing his allowance (which means no new Medaparts for Metabee).

The next day, Ikki runs into Erika on the way to school; she has recorded the World Robattle Championships for Ikki so he could prepare for the City-wide tournament taking place on Sunday. After school, Ikki talks about the event with Henry who suggests Metabee should get a good cleaning and polishing. Unfortunately, that's hard to do as Metabee won't allow Ikki to remove his Medal. Henry had the idea to put Metabee's Medal in a spare body while he is being polished, and so Henry loans Ikki his spare Tinpet (more like the store's display). Later in the late afternoon/early evening; Ikki builds the new Medabot out of the Medaparts won from their Robattles, then leaves to find Metabee. Unfortunately, Metabee coming back home from walking the family dog; saw it and thinks he is being replaced. At the same time, Ikki returns and before Ikki can explain, Metabee became upset and angry and ran off as he says to Ikki that he will still Robattle on Sunday, but without Ikki's help.

At the tournament Ikki runs into Karin and Koji. Koji is very anxious to have Sumilidon take on Metabee. Samantha is also there with Peppercat. Too bad Peppercat was loaded with so many high performance Medaparts that they were too heavy to handle causing her Robattle loss. The competition continues, and it comes down to Sumilidon and Metabee. Metabee won't listen to any advice Ikki tries to give, which results in quite a beating from Sumilidon's hammer fist. Major damage to Metabee occurs when he uses his seeker missile, but it's a trap as Sumilidon engages his disrupter. Another hammer fist finishes Metabee which causes him to cease function.

Can Metabee clean up his act for a rematch?

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