Model No. FSL-0
Magical girl
Head: Palrunmanner
Right Arm: Magicalbit
Left Arm: Teroleta Bomb
Legs: Pa-pun-pip
Medarot R, Medarot Brave, Medabots (anime), Medabots Spirit, Medarot OCG

Fancyroll (ファンシーロール), english name Fossilkat, is the FSL-type Medabot from Medarot R. Despite its english name, it is based on an anime-style magical girl. For being a witch, she was given the aforementioned english name.


Fancyroll resembles a young girl with human-toned skin. She wears a pink and white dress, long boots, gloves, and carries a heart-shaped wand. Her name likely comes from the large rolls that make up her "hair".

Fancyroll's english name seems to come solely from its model number (FSL), since it has no relation to either fossils or cats. "FSL", like with many Medarots in Medarot R, comes directly from its name (Fanshii Roll).

In the anime


Fancyroll is the Margareta's Medarot. This Medarot is of the team Sweden.

A second Fancyroll appears in Medarot Damashii as a junked Medarot. In the dub version, her special ability is said to be the "Zombie Tinpet Manipulation", which consists on summoning Tinpets as zombies to battle.

In the series she was the Medarot of a young girl who she loved very much. However the girl eventually grew into a woman who got married, she stopped playing with FossilKat who came to believe her Medarotter had abandoned her. She found herself in a junk yard were she made herself at home, covering herself in dirty rags and using her tin pet manipulation abilities to make the lifeless metal skeletons act as her companions.

In the games

In Medarot Brave

Quote: I'll get your heart with my beauty! Then I'll break your heart into pieces. You'll blow up in the end.



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