Model No. M2-KTN-0
Head: Mikazuchi
Right Arm: Fencing
Left Arm: Rapier
Legs: Hakahma
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A-Buraage (ア・ブラーゲ), english name Foxuno, is a KTN-type Medarot, based on a kitsune.


A-Buraage's design combines the features of a fox and a samurai. The latter is reflected in its legs parts, the Hakama. As a Medarot, it utilizes quick but weak attacks with its arm parts, Fencing and Rapier. Its head, the Mikazuchi, provides a Break attack for long distance assault.

In the anime

A-Buraage was a Medarot employed by the Roborobo Gang for the brief duration of time in which their attempt to masquerade as a professional renovation service was in effect. A-Buraage was used as their primary method of demolishing buildings which they were to perform a renovation on and was paraded as a minor deity for which the Roborobo Gang would be blessed by in order to gain the confidence of their clients.

A-Buraage was retired not long after the start of the scheme when the Roborobos were challenged to a Robottle by Ikki Tenryou on the conditions that the Roborobos cease harassing his family into renovating should he emerge victorious. The Roborobos promptly selected A-Buraage to respond to Ikki's challenge and was subsequently beaten after Metabee blasted A-Buraage with Missiles at point blank range.

Ikki Tenryou went on to claim A-Buraage's Rapier as part of the official submission robottle rules. What became of the remainder of A-Buraage's body is unknown.

In the games

In Medarot 2 CORE

A-Buraage is seen at least once, when a Roborobo enters to a factory. The player will robottle the Roborobo afterwards. Before the robottle, though, Ikki wears a skirt and was seen by Karin.

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