Model No. M4-ECF-0
Electric fan
Head: Head Shake
Right Arm: Low Speed
Left Arm: High Speed
Legs: Control Box
Medarot 3 and 4 (Japan only),
Medabots Spirits (anime), Medabots TCG

Gofan, also known as Go-Fan, is an ECF-type Medabot modeled after an electric fan.


Gofan is based on an electric fan. It is blue and grey in colour, with a fan on the back of it's head and two visors on the grey part on it's face. It also has small fans on both arms, and has wheels in the place of legs.

Gofan can use its fans to reduce the heat radiation time on other Medabots' parts, thereby allowing them to attack faster.

In the anime

Gofan appears as a cameo in Medabots Spirits in episode 61. It appears briefly in the role of a Kilobot being defeated by the Mystery Medafighter.


Gofan has a card in the starter set of the Medabots Trading Card Game. It uses "Super Charge", which allows one Medabot to act first during the next turn.

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