Model No. M4-GKD-0
Son Goku
Head: Golden Crown
Right Arm: Pile Bon
Left Arm: Nyoi Rod
Legs: Near East
Medarots 4, Medarots R, Medarot (anime)
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Gokudo is a Medarot introduced in Medarots 4 and Medarots R.


Gokudo is modelled after Sun Wukong from the Chinese folklore, Journey to the West. Gokudo's appearance is red in colour with yellow markings. The yellow markings on Gokudo's forehead in particular, bears resemblance to Sun Wukong's headband.

In robottle, Gokudo specialises in grappling, punching rival Medarots. The two metal shafts protruding from its elbows are in fact, extra length for Gokudo's arms so that it can stretch out like pistons, adding range to Gokudo's punches. It is likely that Gokudo's attacks draws inspiration from Sun Wukong's Ruyi Jingu Bang, a staff that can stretch and shrink as well.

In games

Gokudo has made appearances in Medarots 4 and Medarots R.

In anime

Gokudo is the leader of Sarami's Medarots team, consisting of itself, Hakkado and Sagodo. It's first appearance in the anime is alongside Sakekaasu's Shinsaber, Surume's Seagaru and Shiokara's Gobenkei after Shinsaber attacked Metabee.

It first defeated Metabee, Smilodonad and Kantaros alongside Hakkado and Sagodo in a 3 on 3 match. Later, it lost to Arcbeetle and Metabee alongside Hakkado and Sagodo in seperate 3 on 1 handicap matches.