Model No. M4-DGU-0
Head: Dogu
Right Arm: Dohtakuu
Left Arm: Dohtatakuu
Legs: Dokaan
Medarot 1, Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 4, Medarot G, Medabots AX, Medarot Navi, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot Damashii

DonDoguu (ドンドグー), english name Gorem-2, is the first DGU-type Medarot.


DonDoguu's design is entirely based on japanese doguus. Robottle-wise, DonDoguu is an entirely defense-based Medarot. Its parts are mostly used to absorb shooting attacks, and can be proven to be an annoyance against certain teams.

It's english name, Gorem-2, comes from the fact it is the second DGU-type Medarot shown in the anime series, being the first one it's successor, OkeDoguu, whose english name is Gorem. Gorem is a deformation of the word golem, which bears resemblance with doguus solely on the fact both are made from clay.

In the anime

In Medarot Damashii, DonDoguu is Yuuzuru Oozora's Medarot.
File:Gorem 2.jpg

In the games

In Medarot 4

DonDoguu is owned by Mutsuki in Kameyama School.

In Medarot Navi

DonDoguu reappears with Mutsuki (along with the rest of Rintarou's friends) and will join you.

In this game it's not just DonDoguu capable of cancelling 3 power-based attacks.

In Medarot Brave

Quote: I'm now more powerful than ever! Shooting attacks won't bother me, hee hee hee!

In Medarot DS

Its series number is now DGU00-M. Its head now uses Gunpowder Guard, and its arms now use Gravity Guard and Optic Guard.

Related Medarots

  • HNI-0 Haniwa Golem, a Medarot with similar defensive capabilities.
  • SHL-0 Shell Cushion, a Medarot with similar defensive capabilities.
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