Model No. M4-ADV-0
Head: Demolish
Right Arm: Drone
Left Arm: Ruin
Legs: Source
Medarot 4 (Japan only)
Medabots Spirits (anime)

Gryphon (known as Grain in Japanese) is an Arch-Devil (ADV-type) Medabot. He appears in Medabots Spirits as the last and most powerful Kilobot built by Kam.



Medachanged form

He is capable of Medachange, changing into a floating form with multiple legs and his arms changed into cannons.

In the game, Gryphon's head, Demolish can prevent the use of the Medaforce. His right arm, Drone is able to inflict Status Effects while his left arm, Ruin is able to use a static attack

In medachange, drive a is an assassin type attack, drive b is a Destroy attack and drive c is a time attack 

In the anime

Gryphon is the most powerful Kilobot. After Kam placed Blakbeetle's medal in Gryphon, Blakbeetle lost control and Gryphon went berserk. In the fire caused by Gryphon going rampant, Gryphon saved Kam, along with the other Medabots' help. Near the end of this episode, Blackbeetle became Kam's Medabot.

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