Hachiro Awano is the boy you meet in Medaropolis that appears in both the Metabee Version and Rokusho Version of Medabots (GBA).

First Appearance

Hachiro first appears in the Rosewood Private School in Medaropolis. When Ikki goes off to find Erika, going to pass on Koji's message to leave Rosewood Private school alone, a rude kid bumps into you and knocks you over. The boy is Hachiro Awano, and he walks away. Later, in the top-left corner of the screen, Ikki encounters the rude kid again. He states his name is Hachiro Awano. He doesn't like Ikki, and Ikki doesn't seem to like him, so a robattle occurs. After Ikki wins, Hachiro informs that Erika has already left, so he says to leave the school.


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