Honey (ハニー) is a HNY-type Medabot who only appears in Medabots Spirits.


A floating Medabot, she has extensions on her head part like blonde hair. Her legs are pink colored and has gray and pink painting over her body. Her medal was a Mermaid.

In the anime

She is owned by Nae Akihabara, who uses her as a support Medabot. She helps Nae repairing and creating parts. She is sentimental and is prone to show her feelings when sad or disappointed of something. Yet she also can help others by giving a voice of calm reason and being always very polite and kind. Though she does not appear to be a fighting type, she is actually very good in robattling and has a record at it to back up her reputation.

After a raid against them by Ginkai, Metabee and her ended up in the sewer system and got lost from their owners. She was injured to the point she had her hover parts broken and almost no energy left on her body and the hopelessness of the situation combined with the thought of never seeing her friend again brought her to tears. Nevertheless, Metabee conforted her and promised they would get out of there. The two then slept and, at sunrise, Metabee woke Honey and told her it was time to go. She told him to leave her because she could not move on her own and that she was too heavy but Metabee refused to abandon her and offered to carry her while stating he would never leave her behind no matter what. She thanked him and they proceeded to rejoin their partners after another skirmish with Ginkai´s Unitrix. Their experience in that day approached Honey and Metabee and they developed a strong bond of friendship and affection for each other. It also rose Honey´s own self-esteem causing her to be more confident and faithful to herself and her friends.

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