Get Ready
Model No. M4-KNI-0
Head: Charm Point
Right Arm: Explosive Ball
Left Arm: Hand Grenade
Legs: Tabi
Medarot 1, Medarot 2, Medarot 4, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot (anime)

Get Ready (ゲットレディ), English name Icknite, is the first KNI-series Medarot.


Get Ready's design is based on a kunoichi, or female ninja. Along with Nin-Ninja, it serves as one of the mascots of Shinobic Park, a ninja-themed amusement park. It mainly fights using small hand-thrown bombs, and can set up traps for long-range attackers.

Get Ready's name comes from both get ready and lady, which can be spelled as "redi" in Japanese. Its English name Icknite most likely comes from a combination of its KNI model number and ignite, in reference to how it attacks with explosives.Q

In the anime

In Episode 14 (Episode 33 in the dub), Get Ready appeared in the employ of Ninja World, along with Nin-Ninja.

In the games

Get Ready is a bipedal Medarot with Napalm attacks on its arms. In Medarot 1, it had a Fighting Trap on its head, but this was changed to a Shooting Trap in Medarot 2 and later games. Depending on the game, its parts may be compatible with the Jellyfish, Ninja, or Spider Medals.

In Medarot 1

In Medarot 1, Get Ready is the only female Medarot with gunpowder attacks, as well as the only female that can use Fighting Traps. Its leg parts, although not especially fast, make it very effective at concealing itself and dodging attacks. Its head and legs have the Sneak attribute, which matches appropriately with the Ninja Medal. Get Ready's parts can be obtained from random battles with kunoichi Medarotters around Shinobic Park, or bought from the Shinobic Park gift shop.

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