Karin Junmai
Karin Junlei
English Voice Actor(s):

Ashley Taylor






Dr. Aki (Uncle)
Nae Aki







First Appearance

The Legendary Medafighter

Last Appearance

Metabee's Last Stand

Karin Junmai (also spelled Jyunmai) is a character in Medabots.


Karin is the niece of Dr. Aki. She attends Rosewood Private School along with Koji. She is also a childhood friend of Koji. She is popular in her school, and is admired by many of the students there. Although she is from a rich family, she is very caring and finds time to help people. Koji and Ikki constantly fight for her attention in the series. She loves cleaning stuff, which had once given Ikki the impression she was poor and needed to work to pay for tuition.

Medabots Episode 4 Part 1-2.flv snapshot 01.31 -2012.03.10 10.25.07-


Her Medabot is Neutranurse, a Medabot with healing abilities. In episode 4, "The Legendary Medafighter", Karin is revealed to be a Legendary Medafighter, who has never lost a single Robattle: since she is so kind and gentle, nobody will attack her.

She is quite dense, and does not realize that either Koji or Ikki have feelings for her, and even thinks that they get along well.

Medabots (GBA)

In Medabots (GBA game), Ikki must trigger certain events in order to build relationship with Karin. If succeeded, Karin will give Ikki ? Medal at the final event.

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