Kasumi Asano
アサノ カスミ

Windclap (Both Versions)

Grand Beetle (Kabuto)

Sonic Stag (Kuwagata)

Kaiser Beetle (Kabuto)

Lumina Stag (Kuwagata)



Date of birth







Sister (Manga)

Kasumi Asano is the protagonist of Medarot Navi. He was designed by Fujioka Kenki.


Kasumi Asano is the protagonist of the GBA game Medarot Navi. He is a student of Class 1B in Aozora Junior High School.

He is seen with his school uniform and wears glasses. He has a dark bowl haircut.

In Medarot Navi

At the start of the game, Kasumi has just activated his first medabot, a Windclap. He was invited by his childhood friend, Hiyori to meet Shiden, a Medafighter that was ranked 1st in the Robattle Rankings. As he tried to make his way from his classroom, he first heard a mysterious voice but he bumped into the school bullies Gousetsu and Mizore . He was forced to robattle them and won despite his lack of experience in robattling. Mizore stole his Windclap's medal and fled after Kasumi won against them, forcing him to look for them. The mysterious voice called for him again and Kasumi realised that the voice was coming from the old school building. He entered the building and followed the voice to the hall of the building. He fell into the large hole in the middle of the hall and found a medal that had a picture of a larva. He didn't know that he was followed by Shiden and discovered Mistral, a Medabot that came from space.

The discovery of Mistral elevated him to fame. Shiden has also invited him and his class to Cluster, a theme-park on Earth's orbit developed by the RR Corporation. Niwaka, the class-president grew jealous of the attention Kasumi received and played pranks on him on the following days.

At the day of the invitation, he was first locked up in a warehouse by Niwaka after he and his class got off the bus. Hiyori was able to find him and they and the rest of the class entered a shuttle that took them to Cluster.

Arfter arriving at the reception of Cluster, he took the opportunity to enter the lobby first. When he entered, he was greeted by NAVI, the AI that moderates the themepark. He was also reunited with Mistral, now an exhibit at the top of  the lobby. Shiden finds him and invites him to the special development block.

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