When new robots known as Kilobots start appearing, Ikki and Metabee must prove why they finished second at the World Robattle Championships, but what will they do when the Medaforce doesn't work against these Kilobots?

Full Recap

An unknown Medafighter begins going around town with a robot named Desperado. The thing is, he doesn't play by the rules. He reloads ammo during fights, and he's destroying a whole bunch of Medals. When he captures Peppercat, Samantha begs that he spare her. The kid whose name is Ginkai agrees only if Samantha promises to bring the strongest Medafighter down to him.

Samantha runs and retrieves Ikki. Ikki and Metabee have been training a kid named Tak, and they figure a proper Robattle will be the best way to get him involved. Ikki and Metabee use the Medaforce when nothing works against Desperado, but it fails, and Metabee loses his Medal.

Suddenly a new lady shows up. Her name is Nae Aki. She asks Ikki if he would let her test some new armor on Metabee. They agree, and Nae Aki equips Metabee with new parts.

Ginkai reappears and challenges Ikki and Metabee again. Ikki activates a new mode called Reckless Mode which turns Metabee into a car. Metabee races around Desperado, goes behind him and hits his head on the ground, defeating him. Metabee wins the match, and legal Robattling regains respect.

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