Koji Karakuchi
Koji Karakuchi
English Voice Actor(s):

Joanne Vannicola











First Appearance

The Legendary Medafighter

Last Appearance

Metabee's Last Stand

Koji Karakuchi is a Medafighter and Ikki's rival.


Koji comes from a rich family living in Medaropolis. Usually wearing yellow and blue clothes, Koji goes to the school in Medaropolis. He always protects and follows Karin, having a sort of love interest on her. His partner Medabot is Sumilidon, but he is seen using Warbandit instead in the Rokusho versions of the video games.

In the anime

Koji is the mollycoddled and rather snooty son of an extremely rich family. Something of an ace Medafighter, Koji and his Medabot Sumilidon are legendary for never losing a Robattle. Koji and Ikki are rivals, but manage to co-exist together because of their shared love interest with Karin. Koji always trains hard with his Medabot trying to master the technique known as the Shadow Sword, a technique using the Flexor Sword part.

Young Koji

Young Koji

However, Koji has a fear of green bugs. This was shown in Episode 24 (29 in the dub) when he was very young, he used to like bugs. But it changed when he found a cocoon, taking it home it soon hatched and he was swarmed by praying mantises. As a result, the Robattle with Mantaprey ended when Koji went berserk.

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