Model No. M2-DOG-1
Head: Head Cannon
Right Arm: Aim Rifle
Left Arm: Battle Rifle
Legs: Howzer
Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot R, Medarot G, Medabots AX, Medarot Brave, Medarot (anime), Medarot Damashii, Medarot 2 (manga), Toys

Bluesdog (ブルースドッグ), english name Krosserdog, is a DOG-type Medarot modeled after a dog. It is the upgraded version of Cyandog.


Unlike Cyandog, the thunder on the forehead is missing, replaced by a yellow cross. Also, he has spiky, doglike ears and metallic designs. His power fell, however his parts are way more accurate to make up this.

In the games

In Medarot 2

Krosserdog is owned by Iwanoi, who appears at the beggining of the game as part of The Screws.

In Medarot 2 CORE

Iwanoi has Cyandog instead of Bluesdog, since Krosserdog is a generic enemy here. In the Metabee version he is used by Sakekaasu as one of his three Medarots.

In the anime

After Iwanoi owned his Cyandog for a long time, he was forced to change him to a new Medarot with a new Tinpet and upgraded DOG-type parts. He renamed his Cyandog as Krosserdog.

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