Model No. M2-CAR-0
Head: Body Shot
Right Arm: Anti-Air Missile
Left Arm: Super Long Cannon
Legs: Plasma Dash
Medarot 1, Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot 1 (manga), Medarot (anime), Medarot Card Game, Toys, Medarot Damashii

Landmotor (ランドモーター) is a CAR-type Medarot. It's special ability is Crash Attack when in car mode.


Landmotor is a Medarot that strongly resembles a racing car. Its two arms are the fume escapes, aswell as having wheels on his shoulders. Landmotor is better suited to fight flying Medarots, as its Anti-Air missiles can take them down quickly.

Despite Medachange wasn't included until Medarot 3, Landmotor is able to perform a Medachange to carry the player wherever. However this Medachanged form isn't available to Robottles.

In the games

In Medarot

It can be obtained to make a vehicle for Hikaru to ride.

In Medarot 2

It must be acquired by being traded from Medarot 1. It was instead replaced by Landrotor.

In Medarot 2 CORE

It appears where Landrotor would in Medarot 2.

In the anime

Two Landmotors were used by the Rubberobo Gang to assist in their attack on Ikki's school. It used its Medachanged form, despite Medachange didn't appear until Medarot Damashii. The two Landmotors were defeated by Metabee and Samurai. Both of them claimed their right arms.

It also makes a cameo appereance in episode 10 in the Robattle tournament and is seen being defeated by Kouji and his Sumilidon.

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