Medabots have seven leg types.

The Leg Types

  1. Flight - Very fast and slightly evasive legs. Their propulsion is high enough to strengthen Berserk attacks. They battle best in barren areas but worst when there is water. Notable types are BAT-, ANG-, PLN-, PTL, RAP- and PHX-Types. They are average in ordinary ground. Weak against Anti-Air.
  2. Float - Well-defended leg types that battle well in all fields. This leg type is the best for negating certain attacks. They are slightly slow, though. Their armor is high but lower than Tank. This leg type is a multi-terrain type.
  3. Multi-Leg - Legs meant for close range attacks thanks to its high Proximity. The armor can be low or high depending on how thick or thin the legs are. They battle best in rough terrains but poorly in flat, smooth terrains. They battle fair anywhere else.
  4. Dual Leg - Average and well-balanced leg types. This is the leg type you ALWAYS start in the beginning. All KBT- and KWG-Types are this leg type. This leg type is the most abundant leg type. They battle best in grassy areas, good in rough and urban areas and poor in barrens and water.
  5. Vehicle - Legs meant for long range attacks thanks to its high Remoteness. They are the hardest to deal a critical hit using a Striking attack. They battle best in urban areas but poor anywhere else.
  6. Tank - Heavily-armored and slightly defensive legs. They are poor at evading attacks and are very slow. They battle fair in all fields and like Float, this type is a multi-terrain type.
  7. Diving - Very evasive but has poor propulsion. They battle best in water but slow in land especially in Deserts. They are not capable of evading Missile, though. Weak against Anti-Sea.

Choose a leg type based on the terrain.

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