Tak and Ikki learn that hard work and practice will always come before trickery and brute power…especially in Robattling!


Ikki wins the Electro Kid contest! He gets to appear on live TV with the beautiful hostesses, Cinnamon and Sugar Girl. Of course, all of his friends want to be there too... Especially Samantha. However, Kam and Ginkai are planning something!

It's the day when Ikki and Metabee appear on the broadcast. The two are standing (all goo goo eyed) over their hostesses when Ginkai interrupts the show to Robattle (no rules of course) with the Kilobot, Locknex. With the help from Kam and some dirty tricks, Locknex defeats Metabee on live TV. An angry Ikki challenges Ginkai to a rematch.

Later Erika becomes upset when she thinks Ikki is taking a chance challenging Ginkai just for the sake of his pride! Nae Aki happens to overhear, and she agrees that it is his pride pushing Ikki.

Sometime later, Ikki sits wondering how he can win with Locknex being an aquatic-type Kilobot. He knows if Metabee is submerged in water too much, he'll rust. As he and Metabee sit by the river skipping rocks, and idea comes to him. That evening Ikki and Metabee practice at their school pool.

The next day, Ikki and Metabee are up for the challenge. Cinnamon and Sugar Girl announce the battle and the rematch begins on live TV. The practice pays off! Metabee learned to skip across water giving him the advantage he needed. Even with Kam trying his usual dirty tricks, Metabee proves to be victorious.

Kam returns home frustrated. Will he ever stop bothering poor Ikki?

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