This is a list of cards in the Medabots Trading Card Game.

Starter Set Cards

# Type Name Card type Rarity
SD01 PTL Sky-Ptera Medabot ---
SD02 ESM Miracle Machine Medabot ---
SD03 ISE Shrimp-Presser Medabot ---
SD04 HMS Hamshin Medabot ---
SD05 DHN Dura-Horse Medabot ---
SD06 APL Skycargo Medabot ---
SD07 GAC Change-Cargo Medabot ---
SD08 SRU Lon-Gun Medabot ---
SD09 SHP Auto-Cruise Medabot ---
SD10 NEK Puttycat Medabot ---
SD11 MIK Holy-Oracle Medabot ---
SD12 SPN Float-Spinner Medabot ---
SD13 ECF Gofan Medabot ---
SD14 EEL Slime-Eel Medabot ---
SD15 DUC Ugly-Duck Medabot ---
SD16 EGL Fly-Eagle Medabot ---
SD17 IVP Fly-Trap Medabot ---
SD18 VER Dash-Raptor Medabot ---
SD19 TOR Attack-Trikeru Medabot ---
SD20 CRO Chrono-Folm Medabot ---
SD21 --- Seaslug Medafighter ---
SD22 --- Subaru Medafighter ---
SD23 --- Squidguts Medafighter ---
SD24 --- Kai Medafighter ---
SD25 --- Phantom Lady Medafighter ---
SD26 --- Phantom Renegade Medafighter ---
SD27 --- Yuki Medafighter ---
SD28 --- Rubberobo Gang Medafighter ---
SD29 --- Nae Medafighter ---
SD30 --- Ikki Medafighter ---
SD31 KBT Metabee Medabot Rare

Booster Pack Cards

# Type Name Card type Rarity
BP01 DRI Stay-Dryad Medabot ---
BP02 GRF High-Giraffe Medabot ---
BP03 TMN Not-Touch Medabot ---
BP04 GHL Dighoul Medabot ---
BP05 CHC Stole-Boat Medabot ---
BP06 RVN Black-Rover Medabot ---
BP07 TJK Jackal Medabot ---
BP08 CNR Nervous-Bird Medabot ---
BP09 GNB Basart Medabot ---
BP10 VAL Garant-Lady Medabot ---
BP11 BYC Tundle Medabot ---
BP12 BST Child-Sitter Medabot ---
BP13 BIC One-Wheel Medabot ---
BP14 CTP Centipede Medabot ---
BP15 GCT Potato-Insect Medabot ---
BP16 BRA Earth-Brakio Medabot ---
BP17 AMB Soft-Amoeba Medabot ---
BP18 SAM Anemone Medabot ---
BP19 HLG Sea-Monster Medabot ---
BP20 DLP Dol-Dolphin Medabot ---
BP21 WCH Food-Witch Medabot ---
BP22 MMT Man-Mammoth Medabot ---
BP23 KWG Rokusho Medabot ---
BP24 STG Sumilidon Medabot ---
BP25 KLN Warbandit Medabot ---
BP26 LHB Eisiest 2 Medabot ---
BP27 MWB Ambiguous 2 Medabot ---
BP28 BAN Ban-Chu Medabot ---
BP29 FLL Frill-Free Medabot ---
BP30 KRN Genius Medabot ---
BP31 CMP Marche Medabot ---
BP32 LDB Honey-Force Medabot ---
BP33 SUN Meda-San Medabot ---
BP34 PLT Meda-Plute Medabot Rare
BP35 CVL Kono-Tractor Medabot Rare
BP36 HCT Hairy Insect Medabot Rare
BP37 HSC King Tank Medabot Rare
BP38 JWB Water-Beat Medabot Rare
BP39 SHS Cosy-Horse Medabot Rare
BP40 KBT Kantaroth Medabot Rare
BP41 KBT Arcbeetle Medabot Rare
BP42 ALN Wire-Alien Medabot Rare
BP43 KWG Black-Stag Medabot Rare
BP44 TKG Gun-King Medabot Meda-Rare
BP45 KBT Blakbeetle Medabot Meda-Rare
BP46 BBS Bass-Troyer Medabot Meda-Rare
BP47 --- Sloan Medafighter ---
BP48 --- Shrimplips Medafighter ---
BP49 --- Electra Medafighter ---
BP50 --- Clow Medafighter ---
BP51 --- Kirara Medafighter ---
BP52 --- Victor Medafighter ---
BP53 --- Topersia Medafighter ---
BP54 --- Rintaro Medafighter ---
BP55 --- Mabler Medafighter ---
BP56 --- Hachiro Medafighter ---
BP57 --- Dr. Meta-Evil Medafighter ---
BP58 --- Erika Medafighter ---
BP59 --- Karin Medafighter ---
BP60 --- Samantha Medafighter ---
BP61 --- Koji Medafighter ---
BP62 --- Spyke Medafighter ---
BP63 --- Gillgirl Medafighter ---
BP64 --- Dr. Aki Medafighter Meda-Rare
BP65 --- Biligiana Medafighter Meda-Rare
BP66 --- Kamome Medafighter Meda-Rare
BP67 --- Black Devil Medafighter Meda-Rare
BP68 --- Mr. Referee Medafighter Meda-Rare
BP69 --- Henry Medafighter Meda-Rare

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