Series Name
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date 8/23/2002
Episode Guide
Skyward, Yo!
Heavy Medal

Episode summary

Everyone is enjoying delicious octopus balls from Natalie's cart. Ikki, who considers himself an expert on the treats, insists that they are not perfect. Natalie and her Medabot Octoclam work very hard to please Ikki, but he is extremely picky.

In her quest to impress Ikki, Natalie discovers that she has fallen in love with him. She also admitted her desire to go to the World Championships so that she could advertise to help her father's restaurant. Natalie wants to Robattle Ikki with the prize being his hand in marriage. Metabee is all for it, but Ikki is totally against it.

When the Robattle finally does take place, no one is paying attention including Mr. Referee. Why? Because Natalie finally perfected the octopus balls and everyone is eating. Once Octoclam preforms his special move, the prefect octopus balls will fly right into the tornado, ruining Ikki, for not letting him finish them, and for Natalie, since she was not able to wright down the recipe. Ikki, in rage, tells Metabee to destory Octoclam. Natalie lost and will now give up her true love. Not to worry... When Natalie uproots to a new area, it isn't long before she falls for someone else. Alas... Love is so fickle!

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