Medabots were one of themes that Taco Bell used to create the toys for the fast food restaurant's kid's meal 99¢ combo in 2002 and also to helped promote/introduce Medabots in United States. This was one of the few 'anime' themes that Taco Bell used (other themes were Cardcaptor Sakura and Digimon: Season 1 & Digimon the Movie etc.).

The toys

The Medabots toys were six Medal holders, each one with a different character and Medabot from the anime. The toy also each contain a plastic package of Medabot Medals half the size of a palm (they feel the same as a trading card). Each Medal contains the name of a Medabot from the anime and a code on the back for exclusive contents like Medabots wallpapers and games on Taco Bell's kids' fun zone website (no longer exist) and also a chance to win Medabots merchandises, but only if you got the limited edition red-color medal from your kid's meal toy.


Currently since these toys are discontinued and very hard to find in United States. We do not know how many random Medals are there in each of one of the six Medal holders, but we can presume that it maybe the same number of Medarots and Medals seen in the anime.


A company called Kodansha designed and produced the toys for Taco Bell.


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