Medaforce (メダフォース) is a special kind of skill every Medal can obtain in Medabot 2 onwards. A Medaforce attack acts as a regular attack, but is independant from the Medabot's parts (except if the Medabot's functions have ceased), and its requirement is a certain amount of charged Medaforce from the Medabot (usually represented by a MF gauge in the games).

In the anime

Medaforce, differently from the games, can only be acquired if the Medabot has a rare medal. Early in the series, the Medabots that execute the Medaforce have no control over when the Medaforce is activated, but later in the series the characters seem to develop a certain control over when the Medaforce is used. The first time the Medaforce is seen in the anime is when Rokusho and Metabee fight on the roof of Dr. Akihabara's burning lab, when Rokusho uses it to defeat Metabee.

Unlike the games, when a Medabot uses a Medaforce, it uses so much energy from its medal the Medabot is unable to perform an action for a time, long enough to receive an attack, making the Medaforce a kind of all or nothing move.

Some few Medabots in the anime series have been seen to master the Medaforce, and almost all of them had a rare medal. These Medabots are Ikki's Metabee, Rokusho, Kouji's Smilodonad, Victor's Warbandit, Hikaru's Arcbeetle, Patra's Empress Patra, Yuuzuru's Dorcus and Ginkai's Arcbeetle-Dash, and Kokuryuu's Blackbeetle. However, Smilodonad's medal was not rare, and the storyline did not provide a satisfactory answer as to why could Smilodonad use the Medaforce. Also, Empress Patra's Medaforce replicates Metabee's and didn't show its own ability. Although a Death Medabot, Blackbeetle has feelings, therefore she can use the Medaforce.

Every Medal that has used a Medaforce, not counting Empress Patra's, is either a Kabuto or a Kuwagata Medal. Kabuto first one blast a shoot with their arm parts, dealing a massive ammount of damage in one shot (similar to the Kabuto Medal's Ultrashoot), while Kuwagata users use a sword part they might be wearing (such as Rokusho's Chanbara Sword, Smilodonad's Flexor Sword or Dorcus's Forvice) to create a huge slash that deals a massive ammount of damage (similar to the Kuwagata Medal's Spiral Bolt).

However, during Medabot Damashii, the way the Medaforce was executed changed drastically, as it was a huge beam blast fired from the Medabots' hands, while they keep it "hold" on both hands, independant of the medal. Metabee and Dorcus share this trait. However, Metabee's Medaforce wasn't worked attacking Kilobots. (remember anyone can edit this. some of it may have terrible grammar, but that is only because of its editors)

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