The Medalorians were an ancient civilization that ruled the world before the rise of mankind and the ancestors of all Medabots. Not much is known about their society or culture. The Medalorians were obsessed with war, constantly fighting amongst each other. In order to become more effective warriors, the Medalorians fastened cybernetic armor onto their bodies. In time, the constant wars decimated the Medalorian society. In order to preserve their civilization, the Medalorians codified their memories into small, hexagonal pieces of metal. These artifacts were the first Medals. Thousands of years later, the Medabot Corporation found these Medals and began using them as the minds and souls of their Medabots. Eventually, the Medabot Corporation were able to create their own Medals. The original Medals, the artifacts created by the Medalorians, came to be known as Rare Medals.

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