Medarot 5
: The Transfer Student of Susutake Village (メダロット5 すすたけ村の転校生) is the fifth and last main entry in the video game series for the Game Boy Color. The game is notable in that it is the first numbered entry since Medarot 1 to feature a protagonist other than Ikki Tenryou.


The game opens with Koishimaru Tensan waiting at the bus stop to go to school. He has just moved to Susutake and recently acquired his first Medawatch. Although he does not yet have a Medal, Tinpet or Parts to go with it, he is happy to own it because he will be able to enter the Medabot club at his new school. Suddenly, he is greeted by a boy, Yamato Shijimi. Yamato introduces himself and tells Koishimaru he was hoping to accompany him to school. Koishimaru apologizes, explaining that he left the house early because he did not want to be late on his first day of school. Yamato tells Koishimaru that because he rushed out, he left his sister, Beni, at home and will return with her. Before Koishimaru can reply, Yamato darts off.


  • Unlike earlier entries, in some parts, the game gives the player control over the order some events occur in. While some of these just lead to different cutscenes (choosing between waiting for the bus or running to school), in other parts the player can choose between one of two scenarios to play through first (going to Yamato's house or visiting the Select shop).
  • The game references events from past entries in the series, such as the skirt yanking incident in Medarot 2.