Medarot Parts Collection

Medarot Parts Collection

Medarot Parts Collection (メダロット パーツコレクション) is a series of complementary Medabots games that are mainly focused on Robattles and obtaining Medaparts and Medals for Medabots. Each game contains all parts and Medals that appeared in separated versions of their related titles and can be traded between the main games, helping to complete collections. They were all released only in Japan between 1998 and 2000.


Medarot Parts Collection

Medarot Parts Collection was released for Game Boy in 1998. The main character is in a setting that appears to be a dream. Contains all parts from Medarot.

Medarot Parts Collection 2

Medarot Parts Collection 2 was released for Game Boy in 1998. It is basically the same as the first Medarot Parts Collection, but with a different main character and the story looking more like it is real instead of a dream.

Medarot 2 Parts Collection

Medarot 2 Parts Collection was released for Game Boy Color in 1999. The main character is Ikki Tenryou, who must escape from aliens and help an old man recover parts stolen by the Rubberobo Gang. Contains all parts from Medarot 2.

Medarot R Parts Collection

Medarot R Parts Collection was released for PlayStation in 2000. It can load a Medarot R save, its content being used to enter in Robattles and earn points to exchange for new parts (in addition to parts won in battles), some that can't be obtained normally in the main game. As it uses the same save file, parts obtained can be used in the main game.

Medarot 3 Parts Collection

Medarot 3 Parts Collection: Z kara no Chō Senjō (メダロット3 パーツコレクション Zからの超戦場, roughly "Ultra Battlefield from Z") was released for Game Boy in 2000. It is like a sequel to Medarot 3, with Ikki Tenryou getting into several Robattles and buying Medabot parts.

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