God Emperor
Model No. M4-WEA-1
Head: Death Break
Right Arm: Death Missile
Left Arm: Death Laser
Legs: Death Crawler
Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot R, Medarot 3, Medarot 4, Medarot Navi, Medarot G, Medabots AX, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot (anime), Toys

God Emperor (ゴッドエンペラー), english name Mega Emperor, is a WEA-type Medarot modeled after a weapon. It is an upgrade of Beast Master. As of most WEA-Types, his name has a word that means "leader".


Considered one of THE most recurring Medarot in the Medarot universe, this favorited Last Boss from Medarot 2 has appeared in EVERY SINGLE MEDABOT GAME after its initial introduction in Medarot 2. (Not to mention its downgrade every time it appears) God Emperor is beaten only by Metabee and Rokusho in terms of recurrence.

Interestingly, its model code is WEA, which stands for its motif, WEApon, and is treated as such for almost all media; however, in Medarot 2's official guide, its motif was labeled as "Mantis Shrimp", and as "Last Boss" in Medarot R.

Initially developed and commanded by Dr. Hebereke, and (For some odd reason) later commanded by Kirara. Like its predecessor Beast Master, it shares the basic element and design philosophy of Head=Gravity, Right=Explosive, and Left=Optics. However, the head shoots Break, the right arm shoots Missile, and the left arm shoots Laser, in contrary to Beast Master's Press, Napalm and Beam.

As you may have faced him as the last boss in Medarot, his raw destructive power is unprecedented; High-critical yielding Death Break, Sure-hit Death Missile, Death Sentence known as Death Laser... Although his firepower was DRASTICALLY reduced from his debut, he is bound to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. . . Right before they are burned down to ashes. Combined with his Medaforce gauge being full at the start of the match, it isn't rare to see players give up on this encounter (not everyone do).

Regardless, it does feel refreshing to see it self-destruct after using Medaforce Seal and Reflect. Don't be ashamed; It's strategy.


Use Tranculi's AppealSound part to seal the medaforce. Diving-type Medarots are recommended, as they have high evasion.

Other strategies include:

  • Use Bug or Virus to lower their aim.
  • Use Confusion to make them attack each other.
  • Steal the Deathbreak uses.
  • Steal the Medaforce.
  • Use Shot Trap to damage them (ineffective if all Deathbreak uses are down)
  • Use Missile or Napalm to damage them without missing even once.
  • Use Reflect to return attacks (Bankaran, not Pretty Prime)
  • Use Succulis to steal their speed. OR use Wave or Hold.
  • Trip them over to forget the actions.
  • Use Flame Tisara's arm.
  • One of your allies is immune to any of his attacks.
  • Use a part that disables their evade/guard.
  • Use Scout to aim better, Conceal to evade better.
  • Disable one arm.
  • Equip your Multi-Legged Medarot with a Level 30 Alien Medal or Level 60 Bat Medal.
  • Use Cross Attack to set a killing blow. USE IT ONLY ON A LEADER!!!!!!

Dos and Don'ts

In the anime

The first time it is shown, it is at regular size. It rolls out from a helicopter and attacks everything in its sight, sent by Dr. Hebereke. It appeared after Metabee defeated Shinsaber, who interrupted a robattle between Ikki and Space Medarotter X. After a small robattle, which proved God Emperor too powerful for any Medarot to handle, Hikaru and Arcbeetle "defeated" it, removing its medal manually before falling down a cliff and to the water.

The second time it is shown in a giant version named Giant Emperor (english name Giganko), used to cause riot in the city. The Select Corp tried stopping it, sending their Air-Pteras, Attack-Tyrannos and Landbrachios, who made no damage to Giant Emperor. Also, Metabee, Rokusho and Arcbeetle used their Medaforces against it, with little result. It was ultimately "defeated" by Ikki and Metabee, who, illegally, eject its Medal manually (similar to what Hikaru and Arcbeetle did before). It is capable of changing legs from multi-legged to bipedal, after the Medaforce hit Giant Emperor.

In the games

In Medarot 2 and 2 CORE

God Emperor is a Medarot in the underground base under the Witch's castle. Three of them appear and attack Hikaru's Metabee/Rokusho. He defeated the first two, but the third one defeated him. Ikki helped him and successfully defeated them. He appears once again when the player fights Primity Baby, alongside Armor Paladin.

The three God Emperors are equipped with Kabuto, Kuwagata and Bear medals.

In the original game, God Emperor was controlled by Kirara. However, in the remake, it is known that God Emperor was destroyed.

Oh, did I mention? You fight THREE of them. TWICE in a row.

You get his parts in the Partsun Rally. After you give his parts back to Nae Akihabara a Researcher comes proclaiming to be the creator of the game and that he is king.He will then fight with God Emperor alongside Wonder Angel and Belzelga.

In Medarot 2 CORE, he is the only enemy medarot equipped with Kabuto and Kuwagata medals.

In Medarot 2 CORE, God Emperor has the most balanced legs, with the proximity of 19 and remoteness of 18.

In Medarot R

It is a medarot used by Medal God, along with 2 Beast Master.

In Medarot 3 and 4

It doesn't play a big role, as Kirara has the control of three God Emperors, apparently the ones that caused riot in Medarot 2 and the only ones in the whole game. The player can get its parts by defeating Kirara (under her Retort Lady guise).

She calls them "Athos," "Porthos," and "Aramis", after the Three Musketeers. Instead of Kabuto, Kuwagata and Bear Medals, they use Jack, Witch and Vehicle Medals.

In Medarot 3, the head and right arm are shooting. But in Medarot 4, they are sniping once again.

In Medarot Navi

He is seen again used by Kirara. The design was not perfect, as the appearances of Deathmissile and Deathlaser have switched.

Overall a hard-to-use Medarot, because of the sheer consumption of AP. Although its head and right arm could be used (somewhat) effectively, the Laser requires the unit to stand in the generator unless the level is high enough to feed it. It also cannot be used when his level is very low, or Generation Loss is activated.

The head and right arm are shooting.

In Medabots AX

God Emperor is Sakekaasu's leader Medarot, while his partner has God Emperor's legs, seen with Hellmet, Kunai and Ninjato. He uses a Devil Medal.

In Medarot Brave

God Emperor is unlocked by inserting Medarot 2 CORE Kuwagata Version into the Game Boy Advance connected to the Game Cube.

In Medarot DS

Its series number is WEA01-M. It apparently is not available in-game except by the use of Medagacha Coins. He is also unusable in the No Boss rule.

The right arm is shooting.

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