Model No. M4-KBT-1
Head: Missile
Right Arm: Revolver
Left Arm: Sub Machine Gun
Legs: Ochitsuka
Medarot 1-4, R, G, Navi, D.S., & 7 (Exclusively in Japan)
Medabots (G.B.A.), Medabots (Anime/Manga), Spirits (Anime), T.C.G., AX

Metabee is a KBT-series Medabot and the mascot of the series. Its design is based on a rhinoceros beetle.


Metabee is a major protagonist of the series, appearing as Ikki Tenryou's first Medabot as well as Henry's. It is golden in color and specializes in a variety of shooting attacks and its signature move is firing homing missiles from the "horns" on its head. As a KBT Medabot, Metabee is designed to work best with the Kabuto Medal.

Metabee is short for its original model name, Metal Beetle.




Main Article:Metabee (character) In the television series, Metabee is a KBT-series Medabot belonging to Ikki Tenryou, specializing in projectile weaponry and revolver tactics. Although outdated, he also possesses a rare Kabuto Medal which grants him to access the Medaforce. He is known to be quite aggressive and stubborn, and often causes problems due to his headstrong personality. He is often disobedient to his owner Ikki, but shares a close bond with him, and so, Ikki trusts him deeply.

The "Metabee" model is known to have had at least one previous owner, Henry, who had commanded one during at least one world championship event during which the infamous "10 Days of Darkness" occured.

Sub Maschinen Gewehr

Preparing to fire his twin-barrel arm

As Metabee's Medal is especially rare and unique in the anime series, he also possesses the ability to use the powerful and devastating Medaforce, which he fires out of both of his arm cannons simultaneously usually accompanied with the exclamation of "IT'S TIME! or "KISS YOUR BOT GOODBYE!" then shouts MEDAFORCE!!". Upon first summoning and utilizing the Medaforce, Metabee is heard echoing the line "Dude, I rock", which quickly becomes his catchphrase, echoed in the background during most of his subsequent assaults with the Medaforce, and before then, after winning a Robattle.

As Metabee is a Beetle-type Medabot, like others of his attribute, he has a passion for watermelons, as revealed by Henry after he attempts to bait Metabee with the said fruit. Personality wise, Metabee is headstrong and often extremely arrogant and overconfident, but until he learned how to be nice to people and always loyal to his friends, even when he would rather leave them to their own punishments. His stubbornness and refusal to give in are key aspects of his character and he also doesnt want anyone to touch neither take his Medal away from him.

In the anime, he is played by the following actors:

  • Ja: Junko Takeuchi
  • En: Joe Motiki.


In the Spirits season, Ikki changes Metabee's parts to the new and upgraded Saikachi model, but his name is kept the same. This has lead to the misconception that the new model is also referred to as "Metabee".


Metabee is exclusive to the "Metabee version" games (called the Kabuto version in Japan). In the Rokusho/Kuwagata versions, the player gets Rokusho instead.

Medabots (GBA)

Like in the anime, Metabee is Ikki's first Medabot, sold to him by Henry the store clerk. This happens after Ikki's mom sends him to the store to buy groceries. However, despite his best efforts, he can't make Metabee work, as he was given no accompanying Medal. After the subsequent scolding by his mom, his father brings him back a Kabuto Medal which, unbeknownst to Ikki, had been given to him by the elusive Phantom Renegade.



Metabee has a rare holofoil card in the starter set of the Medabots Trading Card Game. It uses a "Piercing Shooting Attack" which allows it to damage Medabots to the side of the target if the target is destroyed.


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  • Rokusho, Metabee's KWG-series counterpart.
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