New Medabots are created to fight against the Kilobots, but when Metabee's original body is stolen choas begins.

Full Recap

Ikki, Metabee, Zuru, Erika, and The Screws are invited to the Medabots Corporation to see how the two new Medabots: Arc-Dash and Tyrelbeetle, will do against Metabee. Due to Metabee's experience, they will this will give them an idea of how they will handle against Kilobots. On the way, Samantha and the Screws get lost, but Kam and Ginkai show up to give them a "helping" hand.

The bodies hold up very well, but now Dr. Aki wonders how there weapons systems will do. He has a Medal for Tyrelbettle, but they need one for Arc-Dash. Ikki volunteers Metabee's Medal for the test. At first Metabee is shocked, but then he wonders what true power may feel like and gives his go ahead with the project.

Meanwhile Samantha and The Screws arrive with Kam and Ginkai. Since Kam and Ginkai are with them, they also get access. As Ginkai sees Metabee's body abandoned, he decides to kidnap it. Kam quickly agrees, and the two take off leaving the message that if Metabee wants his body back, meet them at the train tracks alone.

Metabee flies through the test with flying colors, but the entire time he complains about Arc-Dash's body weight. Arc-Dash is a lot heavier than Metabee. As they go to put Metabee's Medal back in his body, they run into Samantha who delievers the message. Metabee is ticked, but Dr. Aki sees it as an opportunity to test Arc-Dash's armor in the field.

They head to the train tracks where Unitrix ambushes Metabee. He knocks him into the train tracks right as the train is coming. Arc-Dash's body is still to heavy, so Ikki ejects Metabee's Medal. It flies into the open Medal spot on Metabee's body. He goes to action mode and defeats Unitrix. Unfortanently, Arc-Dash's body is slightly damaged setting the new Medabot bodies back for a few months.

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