Model No.
Head: Grave Lane
Right Arm: Judge Shield
Left Arm: Crime Stick
Legs: Protoauto
Medarot R (Japan only)
Medabots AX
Medabots (anime)

Monoklar (called Le Villain in Japan) is a LBN-Type Medabot based on Arsene Lupin.


Monoklar looks like a villainous high-class gentleman wearing a monocle. Its head part can fire a Beam attack, inflicting massive damage. Its right arm protects allies from attacks, and its left can disable enemies' Medaparts. His legs are of a vehicle type, giving mobility in urban areas.

In the anime

Monoklar is Jean-Luc Beret's Medabot. Both appear in the World Robattle Championship and are part of Team France, which is unfortunately disqualified.

In the games

In Medabots AX, Monoklar is Jimmy's leader Medabot. He has a Devil Medal.

It is Rokusho Version exclusive and you start with a Judge Shield.

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