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Mr. Referee, named Mr. Uruchi in Japan, is a recurring character in Medabots.


Mr. Referee acts as the official referee for all Robattles in Riverview. He is an old man, with gray hair and a moustache and a thin face. He always wears a white short-sleeved shirt, a red bow tie, black pants and black shoes.

He appears in most Medabots media, including most of the Japanese video games, but not in Medabots Spirits. In the anime and original manga, he is seen controlling special Ninja-type satellite Medabots which are used to punish rule breakers during Robattles.

It should be noted that he is not the only Robattle referee in the whole franchise, as several others have appeared in the Japanese media.

In the anime

Mr. Referee is someone who loves Robattles with a passion. This is shown as he is always there when people are starting Robattles. His passion goes so far that even when he doesn't referee a Robattle, he still talks like he does.

He is a honest man who loathes cheating, and anyone doing so will not go away unpunished when Mr. Referee is refereeing a match. This was shown when, during a Robattle between Ikki and the Rubberobo Gang's Seaslug (Season 2, Episode 27, "Spaceship Superstars"), Seaslug kicked Mr. Referee, not caring for the rules. Mr. Referee then commanded a Ninja-type Medabot to shoot a dart at the rule-breaker from space, knocking Seaslug unconscious. His hate for cheating goes so far, that when Giganko, a giant Medabot of the Rubberobo Gang, attacked the city, he almost disqualified Ikki for removing its Medal manually, since a Medafighter directly interfering with the Medabot of the enemy is considered a foul.

Mr. Referee, at times, tends to cosplay before Robattles. An example of this is one of the Robattles between Ikki Tenryou and Koji Karakuchi at the latter's school. During this Robattle, Mr. Referee appeared as an armored knight, fitting the castle theme of the school.

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