Fanny B. Pimply or simply Mrs. Pimply is the head of the PTA.


When the Rubberobo Gang and their Medabots destroy her anti-aging cream, she vows revenge and convinces the other members of the PTA to ban Medabots on the grounds that they are dangerous. The ban causes the Rubberobos to show up and attack the school, before being defeated by Metabee and Samurai.

The ban is lifted, as the PTA members are touched by the Medabots' loyalty to the school. However Mrs. Pimply attacks Seaslug in front of the other members, demanding he buy her a new jar of anti-aging cream to replace the one he destroyed.

When the other members learn that she had only wanted to ban Medabots because she wanted wrinkle-free skin, they are furious and chase her around the playground.

She is later seen supporting Ikki and Metabee during their final battle against Dr. Armond, which means that she reconsidered the incidents of the previous episode.